Our experience have taught us to come clean right away - get the uncomfortable stuff of the table. We have been told it seems rude or brutish.


But we want our clients to be rude and brutish, so we can move on and maybe even become friends.


So send a mail or give a call with whatever offer or question. It's free.



                   This is still about making money

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Off Wall Street, we will of course try to get the highest price as sellers and as buyers the lowest price. As Brokers we want to close the deal fast. There is just the three caveats:


1) If you, or your boss, is a prick, nobody can do their best and make money.


2) It's better to make a small loss and have people come back again and again and thereby make more money.


3) Like cats most humans can smell dishonesty, manipulation or any other discrepancies.



We are not dictators, so we can't take, what we want. We screw up sometimes. This is basic 101 something, that seems to get lost too often.






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