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 Pricing a domain can be compared to pricing a painting



 Disruption Talkers Do Not Work Here

Herd behavior can temporarily make people a living.

Consultants teaching consultants in teaching consultants do make a living.





Creative Destruction was coined by the economist Joseph Schumpeter back in the forties at Harvard.


The evolutionary process of continuous innovation and destruction was an observation. Not an opinion.


    Opinions kill sound judgment


Vague language, buzzwords and not keeping things as simple as possible makes it even harder.


Finding the sometimes best of bad options can be hard enough.







We think of ourselves as a bunch of mensch, that great Yiddish word.


Our focus is small and medium sized companies with global potential.


Your company, ideas, problems (no euphemisms) will be looked upon as ours.


Our choice on clients is not based on milking the cow.


We love freedom and be able to do a good job. Not working 24/7. We've been there.




If needed, we do all, repeat all, it takes.


We are  only a handful working "full time".


The rest are former clients, friends and part-time associates, who step in with their skills.


We span widely in backgrounds. Anyway you measure it.


             That is our strength


If the world of domains is unfamiliar to you, we can help you.


However, take a look at the below fairly honest and informative links here


Don’t burn a lot of money or trust anybody in this business as a start. Not even Us.


Use your common sense.

 Off Wall Street

Courtesy of Lillevang Art

By Grith Lillevang

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