Terms and Conditions are Straightforward


                                                                     The basics are:


1. Privacy secured. NDA if wanted.


2. Escrow.com, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Payoneer (with escrow service now). PayPal, Amazon Pay, AliPay or another option.


                      Bottom Line: Secure Transaction For Involved Parties



3. Transaction cost split as a starting point. Pricing depends on various factors; amount of  work involved, our interest in your business and our role.


4. We strive to be transparent and keep our pricing competitive. However, we dislike up-selling, new marketing trends, "sales pitches", "push to action", "SEO Experts" etc.


5. 10 percent flat fee of sale price - if only domain sale or finding your business a suitable, or great, domain name. It's all inclusive, securing against fraud, contracts, legal problems, Trademarks etc. And we need at least a two week exclusivity if you want us to sell/find your domain(s).


6. We don't want to hackle over a domain listed. All prices are minimum prices and price not negotiable.


As in other aspects of life, only a few things is black and white. But don't try to instigate negotiation over a single domain for sale at let's say USD 2.000.


In order to avoid pitfalls we'll have a detailed and specific T&C in lawyer lingo ready very soon.


7. We cannot be held accountable for print mistakes, hackers etc.



Send a mail if you have any questions. Please be specific. We're (still) busy with moving and getting our last business' running for the new owners.


And again, again we always love to hear from young and old entrepreneurs who think they have a great idea.


All best,

James, Rolf and the rest of the crew.

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        Terms & Conditions


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